Life Changing Emails

For years I've been entering Yosemite's wilderness permit lottery for the John Muir Trail. For years I've had no luck. I applied again this year for a start date sometime in July. Tuesday morning's lottery results came through to my email inbox. Like the days before, I prepared for the rejection. Before even reading a word, my eyes noticed the formatting was different. My eyes grew big with anticipation. I took a deep breath and read the first words: 

This confirms your reservation for a Yosemite wilderness permit...

My jaw hit the floor. HOLY CRAP. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. I read on and it got better. We're approved to start from Happy Isles Nature Center. I'm in total and complete shock at this point, a true "I can't even" moment. We'd be taking the classic route, leaving from the holy land of Yosemite Valley.

I really needed an opportunity like this. It validates so many of the events of the past few months and the direction I'm moving in personally. I've been  taking more charge of my destiny and it feels good. It's amazing how the universe conspires to make things happen when you commit yourself. I'm not where I want to be in life yet, but I'm sure the Trail will help move me towards it. I can't wait for all of the lessons it has in store for me.